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ILLINOIS STATE POLICE APPLICATION FOR FIREARM OWNER S IDENTIFICATION CARD Of cial Use Only Remit exactly 10. Please allow 30 days for processing and delivery of your Firearm Owner s Identi cation Card. Printed by the Authority of the State of Illinois With this application you must include Photograph CHECK OR FOID Fee - 10. 10. Are yo u an alien who is unlawfully present in the United States. Warning This application is governed by the Firearm s Owner s Identi cation FOID Card Act and must be...
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This is a little instructional video for the firearm owners identification card otherwise known in the state of Illinois as a four aid card a FOID card is the thing the identification you get from the state to be able to touch ammunition or firearms to purchase either to handle either in a store at an FFL or to purchase from a private party it does not matter if you touch a firearm any kind of firearm you need a FOID card now to obtain a FOID card you must first fill out the application get two photographs of yourself passport type ID photos and submit your name or your info to a background check right so then you submit that to the state of Illinois with along with the check they're supposed to do within 60 days but it actually took my son seven months to get his Ford card so it's taken quite a long time because there's been so much more applications in the state of Illinois but for you to be able to handle anything under the Sun that's involved with a firearm or furniture and whatnot you need to have one of these now I'm covering over my need to have one of these this is a FOID card this is what the state issues now it's good for ten years but it does not preclude you're getting a background check or a nick check when you go to buy a firearm or having to present it and you go to buy ammunition so this was just a quick foyt card primer I guess so there you go now all the regular thing this apply not get a void part if you're a felon if you have any kind of domestic violence things against you you have an order of protection against you all those things anything that would make you fail that fail a normal background check to buy a firearm will make you fail a void card background check it'll just take you longer to find out now that's it right there is your Ford card primer you need to fight guard to purchase any firearm or ammunition in the state of Illinois there is no age limit on having a FOID card but it is recommended they are over 11 or 12 and they will not be able to buy firearms or ammunition until they are 18 they will not be able to buy pistol ammunition or pistols until they're 21 so hopefully that covers anybody is looking for a FOID card and what entails